Robert Frost


Like Robert Frost…I like to take the road less traveled. You never know what you might find along the way.

Just a few roads I’ve traveled so far…

Of course all these roads and paths are simply metaphors for life. They are the choices that we make and the direction we decide to go. At different stages in our lives we are faced with new paths and new directions. I am in a new stage.  My only son leaves for college in the fall. A new road for me…and like all the roads I’ve traveled so far, it will be a journey. So I begin this journey by writing and taking photographs, exploring and discovering.

9 thoughts on “Robert Frost

  1. I have been where you are, having someone leave the “nest” a few times, I think you will enjoy new adventures but still will feel some sense of loss. I appreciate your following my blog and hope our separate journeys will cross paths from time to time, along the way. I always felt that it was interesting that Robert Frost finishes that he may go back and walk the other path, too. Take care, Robin

    • Thank you Robin! It’s nice to officially meet you! I am looking forward to this new phase of my life. Luckily my son won’t be too far away either…although I know I need to let him stretch his wings.
      I have enjoyed reading your blog too. And look forward to many more exchanges!

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