Signs Along the Way

Stop, slow, sharp curve, yield, steep grade, work zone, speed limit 25, 35, 40, 50, 65…

These signs are everywhere. They are good signs. We need to know these things as we navigate down the road or highway. We need these signs as we navigate through life as well.


Although in life, they are not as apparent. Stop! Don’t do that…you might get hurt or disappointed! Slow down! Relax, smell the roses and appreciate what you have.  Yield! Give a little of yourself, it’s not always about you. Work zone! It might be time for a little reflection and inner healing.

I have this thing about signs.  I try to always be on the lookout. Is this the best direction to go in? What will happen if I do that?  Will it take me where I need or want to go?  What should I do?


I collect signs. No I don’t steal them,  although there is a Tracy Lane sign I would love to nab someday!

I mean signs. Signs that mean something. Signs along the road of life.  Words that inspire me or reflect who I am and who I want to grow up and be.  Signs that remind me of what’s truly important in life. You can’t find these signs on the side of the road.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could?

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