As I begin this new journey, I thought I should define for myself what the word wanderlust means.. I have used it many times, in many contexts and situations. I have felt it, deep in my heart. And I have experienced it, which only strengthens my need for it. What is it? This wanderlust that is in my soul…

It is a noun. It literally, according to Wikipedia, means an ache for distant places. A craving to travel, a yearning to explore.


For me, it isn’t necessarily distant places. I can travel a short distance and fulfill my desire for wanderlust.I am surrounded by beauty and inspiration where I live. Or I can easily find it within driving distance. Some of my most amazing adventures and discoveries have been in my own backyard. Would I love to travel to faraway places? Of course! But being a single mother with a teacher’s salary hasn’t allowed me that luxury. I do have dreams though and hope to one day follow those dreams…wherever they may take me.


Somewhere, along the way, I learned that the journey was just as wonderful and enjoyable as the destination. The travel there and back. The road, the path, the trail that takes you where you are going. It is the essence of traveling and of life as well. After all life is a journey.

Last year we drove to Niagara Falls. It was a journey of 1,000 miles round trip. Sometimes journeys are long. Some people sleep, read, listen to music, talk, look at the scenery. I do all those things. I also stop frequently.  Niagara Falls is Wow!!! But so is the road there.

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