My Happy Place (part 1)

Everyone needs a happy place. A place where your mind quiets and your spirit rejuvenates. A place to just be. No demands, no stresses, no responsibilities.

A happy place can be anywhere.  It just needs to make you feel…happy. Bring you a little peace and serenity, be a place of respite from your daily life.


I have two places where I go when I am in need of rejuvenation and respite. When my mind and soul are weary, it is where I am able to lose myself in the moment.  And when I am there, I am able to find pleasure and joy in the simple and small wonders of life and living.

The Mountains

I am so fortunate to live where I do, in Vermont. I am surrounded by mountains.  Rolling hills, imposing peaks, and take your breath away mountains.

When I am in the presence of these beautiful places, I feel an openness in my heart and an awe in my soul. I see how small I am in comparison and how small and insignificant my problems or worries really are.

Hiking these magnificent mountains allows me to experience life through all my senses and reconnects my spirit with the natural world. The journey to the top is long, the trail steep and rugged. My body aches and my breathing labors. But the feeling when I reach the summit is pure bliss. I can see everything.  The views…they truly are breathtaking.

Lost and…found in the Green Mountains.

12 thoughts on “My Happy Place (part 1)

  1. I love Vermont! My husband and I got married in Chester, and we used to go to Brattleboro pretty regularly. Part of my heart is still there.

  2. I feel the same way Tracy…so thankful of the beautiful state that we call “HOME”…daily I am awed by the power of the beauty of it all. Makes me feel like there is more that just science at play here. I find my higher power!

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