My Happy Place (part 2)


From the moment I smell it, see it, hear it…

A  feeling of calmness, serenity and peace comes over me.

The Ocean

There is nothing else like it. Nothing that has so much raw power and so much tranquility at the same time.

I can sit and look at the ocean for hours. I can close my eyes and listen to the waves crashing, over and over again. I can watch the sun rise and set a million times and never tire of it. I not only love the ocean. I need the ocean.

The ocean. My first love. From the time I was a little girl. Going out to Jones Beach on Long Island during the summer.  Weeks spent at Old Orchard in Maine with my son and husband. Weekend trips…Plum Island, Cape Cod, Hampton, Narragansett,  Rockpoint, Glouchester…When I would feel the pull of the ocean. And I would heed that call, sate that craving whenever I could.

I love the ocean in every season. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, cold, windy, foggy, rainy, or sunny. It is my heart’s home. It is where I feel safe…yet awed by its vastness.  Like the mountains, everything is put in perspective here.


I am feeling this need right now. In the midst of getting my son ready for college, preparing for a new school year, and packing up my belongings because I will be moving soon too. In the midst of all these changes and new beginnings…my spirit is yearning for the sea.

Somehow I will find my way there….I always do.


4 thoughts on “My Happy Place (part 2)

  1. A great way our paths crossed in a different way! My grandpa’s parents came from Sweden, he built rock walls along the coast of Massachusetts, a castle in Gloucester and their rock house is still in Rockport. I spent my 16th summer in my grandpa’s sister’s house above her husband’s pharmacy. I worked the candy counter with Tuck’s Candies, my second cousin’s homemade line. I would get $5 from my Great Uncle after my shift and run down Bearskin Neck to get a lobster for dinner. Have written about some of it in Love Stories at the beginning of my blog. So, our ocean is a shared love! I loved going to Maine and all around New England…. connections, so strange but awesome, too. The “pull of the ocean” is in my blood but I make myself content with Lake Erie!

    • Lake Erie reminds me of the ocean…the Great Lakes are so beautiful and huge!!! Gloucester is such a neat place as is Rockpoint which I discovered on a weekend jaunt with no particular destination. My favorite kind of adventures!! Love those memories from childhood. I remember eating turkey sandwiches at Jones Beach and feeling the crunch of sand in every bite!!!!

  2. Oh my, I am not a fan of gritty sandwiches! Sometimes like getting an eggshell in the cooked eggs, grates on my nerves! But the overall feeling of the beach, sand, water and beauty to see limitless water and sky, that is the main calm feeling I get of this post! Great imagery, thank you for this time.

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