This post was inspired by a new friend.  She wrote about dreams and how others can sometimes try to burst those dreams.  This saddens me because no one has the right to make us feel bad for dreaming. Or to crush our dreams in any way.

It also reminded me of my dreams.  I want to share them. Out loud so to speak, so that I remember I have them. And remember to nurture them so that someday my grown up dreams will come true.


When we are young we are full of dreams. Our dreams are endless and we believe that anything is possible. Our dreams are constantly changing too. We dream about love and growing up. We dream about what we want to do, where we want to live, having a family, love, happiness, seeing the world. Our dreams are innocent and wonderful. They are shiny, big, and beautiful.

I had so many dreams as a child. It seemed each day I added more until my dreams were overflowing. And I believed. I believed my dreams would come true. Even when I dreamed of meeting the latest teenage heart throb,  getting married and living happily ever after or becoming a super-heroine and helping Batman save Gotham. I believed. It didn’t matter what others thought or if they were unattainable or silly. Our dreams are part of us. They shape and inspire us. They help us become…they soothe us through troubled times and give us hope. They are our own special dreams that make each of us, uniquely us.


As we get older our dreams change. I know that in high school and college my dreams became more down to earth and practical. They were not as big and shiny, but rather real life sorts of dreams. Grades, friends, boyfriends, career choices,, graduation. Still they were dreams. And again helped shape and inspire me to work hard and do my best. To be a good friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend. I still dreamed of falling in love and getting married. He didn’t have to be famous. But he did have to be handsome, funny, passionate. We would have a beautiful house… then children…

When we have children, our dreams change again. We tuck our own dreams away and dream what we want for our children dreams.  We help guide and nurture their dreams. It’s like being a child all over again! We can share our long forgotten dreams with them and we can delight in their shiny, big, and beautiful dreams..

Of course once certain dreams are realized or fulfilled we must dream new dreams.

It is our nature to dream.


And now my dreams are big again. They are exciting to think about and work towards. Yes, sometimes dreams involve action. And the willingness to do what we need to because we believe deeply in our dreams. This makes dreams possible.


I dream of traveling. I dream of traveling across this beautiful country seeing and experiencing everything I possibly can. Every wonderful inch of it. I dream of taking photographs and writing about what I see and learn. I dream of talking to people and asking them about their dreams. Did they come true? are they living the life they imagined?  People from all walks of life.  Young and old, poor and rich. Then I want to live by the ocean. Where I can write and and share their dreams because this helps them to come alive. To become possible…

My dreams are possible.

And so are yours…

8 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Thank you for honoring me by telling about your dreams.
    I think you had some of the same ones I did while young.
    I was very hopeful and happy also. But as time went by, became more realistic in how I would reach them. I had a father who was a street urchin, hitchhiked back and forth to Covington, KY to sweep out a White Castle. There were no child labor laws, then in KY. Anyway, on his way home one night at age 13 (he remembered), a trucker took him up the steep hill in Cincinnati and showed him the lights of U of Cincy. The man said, “No matter what you come from, I advise you to pursue your education and go here for college. There is a great co-op engineering program.” My grandfather was in a mental ward of the VA hospital and my grandmother was frail, was needing help with the rent and food costs. We put this in his obit. mainly because he went to that program, worked for NASA and invented parts that were used on rockets. We have a framed picture of a flag that traveled on the Space Shuttle Columbia 130 revolutions of the Earth that he worked on a team on some of its heat resistant parts. He dreamed “big” and made it. Gives me pause on how having marriage, divorce and children sort of pushed some of the big dreams back, but now I need to keep striving for them! Dad is up there rearranging the stars sometimes at night to remind me.

    • That is such a beautiful and inspiring story! Thank you for sharing it with me. It shows how powerful dreams can be… Life sometimes does put our dreams on hold but they are always inside us, waiting to come back up. Never give up on your dreams. They are possible. Your dad will always be there to remind you of that:-)

  2. I always like the way you illustrate by sharing personal photos. You absolutely are talented in this blogging world and believe our shared paths are meant to build our own lives stronger. You have encouraged me so kindly. Thank you very much!

    • Thank you! That means the world to me! And you have inspired me to go deeper into my feelings about things… To write from my heart because your writing is so genuine and heartfelt! So glad our paths crossed!!!

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