Sea Glass


Sea glass. Glass that has been worn smooth by the turbulent ocean waves. Sometimes called tears of the sea…

Or mermaid tears.


I have a passion for sea glass. I search for it whenever I am by the ocean. I have yet to find any pieces amongst the sand, rocks, and shells. But this doesn’t deter me. It is a quest. A quest to discover these beautiful marvels from the sea.

I’m not quite sure where this passion came from. Perhaps it is because I love the ocean and therefore anything and everything that has to do with the ocean. Or could it be that these tiny treasures remind me of life? They represent a life of storms, of depth, of forces…Thunderous and fierce.  Which then lead to a calmness, a softness… Edges worn smooth, as they find their way out of the raging tempest to land finally upon the beach. 


I know that life has shaped and softened me. My experiences, my choices, my sorrows, my losses, my heartbreaks, have tossed me about.  Like the crashing ocean life has sometimes crashed around me. And then I find myself washed ashore…In a new place with a new perspective.  Peaceful, compassionate, thoughtful, and calm.  Like sea glass. The same, yet different.


4 thoughts on “Sea Glass

  1. The sea glass is fairly abundant in Lake Erie.We call it “beach glass” since the lake is not a sea. When we cleared Mom and Dad’s house out, moving her into a Senior apartment building with her little dog, Nicki, we found many jars of the glass, some on the bookcase, several little jars we had seen (and taken for granted) on a multiple hanging shelf suspended in the kitchen window where the sun caught for many years their colors. She has a nice collection at her apt. and I got a nice big jar of them for my apartment window. In my kitchen, I have little clear bottles with the glass, too.
    Mainly, searching for smooth pieces of glass, with other ‘finds’ was our big event while visiting my parents whose house was on a cliff. My Dad built a chute to slide the canoes, rafts and rowboat down the cliff and steps into the cliff with a metal railing. Other than swimming, grabbing “surf noodles” and rafts, we all would grab buckets to find the glass and rocks, too. I had a circular garden in my back yard of our (my ex, children’s and my) house, where we deposited buckets of shells, rocks and bigger pieces of crocks and glass. I made a little sign, painted the words, “A little bit of Lake Erie” on it. We had the bird bath in the middle of the circle and then roses, flowers and other things along the edges of the circle. Hard to describe, but that and a nice hammock made me peaceful while reading back there in the summer time.

    • How wonderful!!!!!!!! Oh how I wish I could have been there!!! Lake glass or river glass is just as lovely. Little treasures that make you wonder! What a special woman your mom is! And your dad was too… Love the chute!!! Those are beautiful memories and I’m grateful that you share them with me! And I think that would make a great children’s book: the search for beach glass and all that is found while searching:-) Just a thought… A little nonfiction mixed with fiction! You could do it Robin!!!

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