My First Award!

The One Lovely Blog Award


When I began writing this blog, it was a way for me to write about this new road I find myself on. I have kept a journal over the years, though not always faithfully! But I wanted a way to also include my photographs… Like a photo journal… And so I discovered blogging!

What I didn’t know was that people could like and follow your blog. People are actually enjoying what I’ve written, or been inspired by my pictures! And these people, they can actually give you awards!!!!!! How wonderful is that? Even more wonderful is the other people who blog! Wow!!! I’m am in awe and inspired everyday by reading what they have written. Blogging rocks!

Being my first award here in blogging land, I am going to treasure it. And on days when I’m feeling blue or stuck… I will look at my award.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart Robin!!! Hers was one of the first blogs I followed. If you read even one of her posts you will know why. We have become blogging friends! I treasure her stories, her insight, her compassion, her spirit, and her friendship. Grab yourself a cup of tea and visit her lovely blog:

A rainbow bouquet for Robin to show my gratitude!

Of course there are rules!!! Fun rules!!

Thank the person who nominated you. Check!
Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post. Check!
Share 7 things about yourself. Ok…here goes

#1 I love chocolate! Everything chocolate! If it’s not chocolate…like vanilla or something else, I won’t eat it!

#2 I love muscle cars! When I went to college at UVM, I drove a bright blue Dodge Demon. But my favorite was my 1968 Mustang:-)

#3 I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I love the show Wife Swap:-)

#4 I can get pretty rowdy at lacrosse games! Always respectful… But loud!!

#5 This goes with number 4. I tried out for basketball in H.S. but the coach said I should probably be a cheerleader instead because I wasn’t very good. So I did and I was a great, loud, cheerleader!

#6 My favorite book… Oh I have so many, but Barbara Kingsolver’s “Prodigal Summer” is luscious!!

#7 I’m really glad I only had to come up with 7!

Pass the award on to 10 nominees. There are so many but here’s a few I think are pretty lovely too:
Include this set of rules. Check!
Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs. I will!


7 thoughts on “My First Award!

  1. So excited about the way you wrote this. It is all in the presentation and you did it excellently! Four stars! I like the rainbow of flowers, your bits of wisdom, sharing your favorites that should get several people commenting on which they like, too. I like chocolate candy, especially dark to be good for my heart and for fun, my favorite is Fast Break. It has Reese’s peanut butter, nougat and milk chocolate. I appreciate the way you really featured my blog. Thank you and you are well on your way to many followers and also, most importantly, making friends!

    • Thank you!! Wasn’t sure I did it right:-) or if there was a right way… But I did enjoy writing it! And I personally think you are amazing and a gifted writer so I wanted to encourage others to visit you! I still have to so my nominations… Busy weekend but will get to it! So much fun I’m having with this! And so much healing and growing too… Who would have thought??
      P.S. my favorite is Mounds:-)

  2. I did purchase a great deal at UDF yesterday with my afternoon with my retired teacher/ best friend in Delaware, Jenny…three pints of United Dairy Farmer’s Homemade Brand ice cream for $5! One was (I kid you not!) delicious, it was coconut almond chocolate chip or basically a Mounds bar! I liked the caramel waffle cone and Jenny, liked the raspberry dark chocolate chip. She made me croissant with crab meat salad and had nice berries variety fruit cups. I brought also, Wild Cherry Pepsi (only 2 cans full sugared variety) and we had our annual end of summer “deck party” until her husband came home from work. I went in at 6 am and out by 11. Our schedule is supposedly four 9’s and a 4 hour shift, so we have had one full year of her retirement and my Friday half days together!

  3. Congratulations on your Award. I am new to blogging too. I have less than 30 days in and confess I am in love with writing. I wanted to mention my favorite books (can’t choose just one) are almost all Barbara Kingslover. I am reading Flight Behavior as we speak/write.

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