Coming Home

The word home means so much to us and encompasses so much of our lives. For most the thought of home means warmth, contentment and happiness. It is a place that is safe haven away from the harshness of the outside world.  We have many homes that we remember; our childhood home, our first home away from home, our first home that we own, and raise our own children in. Some (lucky them!) have second homes where they go to rest and rejuvenate.

My parents' home

My parents’ home 

But home isn’t the actual physical house or building, it is the people inside that home, that truly make it a place we want to be.  It is the feelings we have when we are there that make it home. It is the love and relationships that make any place a home.  They say home is where the heart is…and I know this to be true.  It doesn’t matter how big or small, what neighborhood it’s in, whether its old and run down or shiny and new. Home is where our heart dwells.

Most of us have (and will have) lived in many homes during our lifetime. Perhaps some of them were truly homes and some were just houses… Life is like that. Life is also about changes. Changes that involve moving or relocating. Circumstances, jobs, relationships, age, death. Illness, children… So many reasons that our houses and homes change.


To me, home is any place I can be myself. A place that brings me peace and serenity. It’s any place where I feel love and am loved. It is a place I look forward to returning to…whether for a visit, or forever.

I’ve found over the years, that I form attachments with the places I have lived.  I think this is because of the effort, thought and time we put into our houses, to turn them  into homes.  I believe most people do. For me it began with my first apartment and the little bits of decorating I could do to make it my own. To our first home and the birth of my son and the nesting all new mothers do. Creating a space for him as well as for us as a family. The move to the bigger house with great schools. The lovely old farm house in need of TLC. The selling of the farmhouse, and the move to a condo…that never quite felt like home. And now, perhaps the biggest move in I’ve made in quite some time.  My nest empty….and a wonderful opportunity to move into a new home that is full of love and so much more…

6 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. I especially enjoyed seeing your face next to the handsome man. I hope that this is your sweetie? Anyway, the family home is beautiful outwardly but mainly due to all the happy memories and shared family moments within. I like the quote, Tracy, did not realize that Winnie the Pooh was so wise! Thanks for all of our recent conversations through our posts/stories. I have been enjoying this so much. Take it easy and have a wonderful week!

    • Yes, he’s my sweetie:-) Winnie the Pooh wisdom is the best!! I have enjoyed our sharing as well! Back to school on Wednesday, but it’s good for me to continue to blog as this journey is just beginning and I have no idea where it’s taking me. I’m in such a go with the flow place! New for me!!!! I feel pretty content and happy! My son and I are finding our way and he is reaching out to me via texts more than he ever has…sharing about his classes and his excitement! Life is good:-) Have a wonderful week too Robin! Next week we are getting better Internet here…make my blogging easier!!

  2. I have two days of ten hours down and three to go! I should be glad for the increased paycheck… But really want to get on the road earlier on Friday. I am going up to stay at my Mom’s senior apartment. I sleep out on her sofa and then, my brother and sister in law will walk over to visit, maybe we will all go out to eat on Sat. or Sun. since I will stay until Monday. The senior apartments has a “Pub” can you believe it? There is a large movie screen, a billiards table and poker tables. They serve wine before their meals, my brothers and I played pool on my last visit, while Mom drank wine and ate popcorn. Last year, when we moved Mom here, my daughters and I investigated our local senior living places, with a cord in the bathroom and bedroom, an alarm and cameras by doors so they can keep track of people. Anyway, my sister in law was right, Cleveland is the “mecca of senior living places!” It cost less than half of what it would cost here in Delaware or even, Columbus! I will possibly be back in touch before Labor Day! Just in case, did my monthly post for September, early. It mentions the Aug. 28th, 1963 Civil Rights Movement March my parents took part in! So, tomorrow is 50 years since then! Imagine that!

    • That sounds like a great Labor Day weekend!! Being with family is good for the soul!! I’m hoping to get some time with Paul… He’s working this weekend and I’m finishing up the move to Rich’s house. My lease for the condo ends August 31st. So it will be a mad weekend of cleaning and moving the last remaining boxes, kayaks, bikes… And couches!!!! Which we are giving to Rich’s son Nate for his apartment!!! They are old and perfect for an apartment full of 20 something boys!!! My farmhouse…was really big. So I had a lot of furniture I collected over the years. I loved that house. But had to sell it due to the divorce. It was on the market for two years when the leech field failed. I had just replaced the septic tank and the field was estimated to cost over $20,000. Which I couldn’t afford. I had to make a decision. One of the toughest of my life. We had to move out… I didn’t want Paul’s senior year of HS disrupted. So we moved into a condo. High rent, but decent. The house went into foreclosure despite trying to short sale it. Then tried to do a deed in lieu… Rough year. Finally, my awesome realtor said lets drop the price drastically and see what happens… We finally got it sold!!!!!! Ended up being a short sale, but not a foreclosure! The new owners are wonderful and love the charm of my house:-) Its now in their very capable and loving hands.
      Whew!! That was long winded!!!!! Now I’m moving into another old farmhouse….it’s in my blood!!! And having fun with renovations. Rich is letting me do whatever my creative mind feels like!!!
      I hope that when its my time for senior living it’s in a lovely old farmhouse!!!!!! I will check your post out…your parents were amazing!!! Enjoy your family time… And some rest too after this long week for you❤

  3. When my last few years of marriage and juggling two jobs plus Master’s program, my ex sat on a chair for those years. I was blessed by living through it. My house was special because I had painted each room with special details, a ribbon of flowers, barn siding combing technique, five foot sunflowers, etc. but the family who bought it for $45,000 under market value did it one week before foreclosure and said they loved the paintings, would keep them all and bought my youngest daughter’s furniture to keep the room the same, too. So special that things worked out for you, too!

    • Yes!!! Our lives have traveled parallel roads it seems!!! My ex did the same. Except he sat and drank… The house was bought by myself and Paul’s dad… When the I remarried, he moved in… Then promptly stopped working. Suddenly I was supporting a family of 5 on my salary. I adore my stepsons, but it was rough going… And their dad just sat. I did everything with and for those boys. We are still close… And they are at UVM with Paul. Brothers still:-)
      Your house sounds like it was a labor of love too! I had one of Paul’s friends paint a Mandela on the potting shed door. I tiled… Like a tiling fool ( very handy with a wet saw!) many of the rooms… I made a kitchen island with cabinets from lowes… And tiled the top!!!! The new owners loved all my tiling.. Appreciated it. I know it’s in good hands and for that I am so happy!

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