For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fascination with dragonflies. Perhaps it was their ability to fly, hover, and to soar. Or their seemingly carefree appearance. Or their beautiful gossamer wings, iridescent and shimmering In the sunlight. Or maybe it was their sudden appearance in the spring, signaling the return of life after a cold and harsh winter. Or perhaps their happy frolicking and mating amidst the cattails and wildflowers, which always makes me smile and my students giggle. Whatever the reason, I am enchanted by them.


Dragonflies symbolize many things…

Change, self realization, and a deeper understanding of life

Simplicity, power and poise

Self discovery, focus, and living in the moment

Seeing beyond your limitations and living without regret

These are all wonderful qualities for us to embraceĀ and to strive for…

In my life I have had numerous encounters with dragonflies. I have noticed that whenever I see one near, it’s as if my worries and cares disappear as I watch in awe and wonder this stunning insect. They remind me that life is short…and circumstances fleeting. Fragile, yet strong and resilient…these mysterious and magical creatures.


Footnote: This dragonfly was found dead, but perfectly intact, by my students today. We observed it under a microscope. They too were enchanted. These photographs and the effects I used are a way to capture and portray its beauty…forever.


2 thoughts on “Dragonfly

  1. This was an awesome discovery along with a beautiful post. I missed writing a comment and now, must hurry off. I appreciate how well you have stayed up with my posts. I fall behind, seem to wander and get sidetracked a bit!
    The fragility and the special quality to enchant and delight you and your students: What a gift that creature has been able to give you! I find cardinals, their song and the one that actually tapped and sang on the day my Grandpa Mattson died, those are my special, uplifting winged creatures.

    • No worries Robin!! I’m just grateful that you enjoyed it! Cardinals are beautiful… One of my grandmother’s favorite birds when she was alive! I especially love seeing them in the middle of winter. A bright spot of color in the bright white snow!

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