Young and Old

Normally I am a taker of nature pictures… That is my passion. Capturing the beauty and wonder of the natural world.


But I also take people pictures. Family pictures, sporting event pictures, milestone pictures…These give me pleasure too. A different kind of pleasure.


This weekend I took a lot of pictures. It was a busy and wonderful few days. The things I saw, with my eyes and with my camera made me think… About many things, but most of all about being young and being old. And the amazing correlation between these generations.


I thought a lot about how young children and old(er) men and women share many commonalities. And I thought about what we can learn from them. The most profound of these is their genuine sense of freedom, a wonderful lack of inhibition, a natural, innate desire to embrace and enjoy the moments in life.

I saw couples, in their 70’s and 80’s, dancing in the street… And children dancing beside them.  While on the sidewalk people of other ages watched…smiled… But did not dance. Embarrassed? Shy? Wondering what others would think?  I saw older gentlemen dressed in silly costumes. Shriners have the hearts and souls of children. We can learn a lot from the Shriners.

Today I saw children playing in the fountain… It was hot. I wanted to take off my shoes and join them… But didn’t. Why?

I thought a lot about this. I think I am a pretty carefree person. Yet I hesitated. What causes us to stop being young, or stop honoring the young (old) person inside of us?

I learned a lot this weekend. I learned to dance in the street when the music is good and even when it’s not so good. I learned that parades bring out the child in us, but that we shouldn’t wait for parades to let him or her out.  I learned that inside of me is a child who wants to play in the fountain when it’s hot.  Next time I will.


8 thoughts on “Young and Old

  1. It is always a wonderful day when you have multigenerations celebrating, parades, music and dancing in the streets! I feel so much more as I get older, that it is easier to let the inner child out, since I used to worry how I appeared more! Lovely post and thoughtful writing, too.

    • Thanks Robin!! I hope you got to let your inner child out this past holiday weekend too!!! I’m finding the same thing…I don’t worry like I used to. Menopause has something to do with this too I think!

  2. I still worry, but it is not on my appearance or how I act, just to clarify! I am always worrying about my kids, the economy, the impending world skirmishes, and also, the ones who pass my path who seem lost. I worry about them, too. I had a little “setback” emotionally and will have to regroup on that, too. Dumb me, went back to see an ex and his family as I was on my way home from Mom’s on Labor Day. (on a post… won’t dwell too much on it, it really helps to write!) Anyway, I saw a movie and wanted to tell you, for fun, for angst and for a Mom who raised a son, that movie with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen is deeper than it looks, a good one to see. Thought of you, too. Take care!

    • It does help to write… Sorry about your setback but at least you recognized it! It wasn’t dumb:-) it was a learning experience!! The movie sounds good…haven’t been to the movies in ages. I’ll sweet talk Rich into taking me!
      I worry too about all the things you mentioned… Definitely much less about myself. More about others. Empathy grows as we grow older. I feel for others… Those who seem lost or troubled or ill… A man who lives here was hit by a car as a child and he was disfigured and physically disabled. He walks everywhere slowly, and clumsily but he walks. My heart breaks for him and others like him.

  3. Agreed that as we age, our empathy for others increases. At least that is what it appears to be doing to me 😉
    Sometimes we have to let our ‘inner child’ let loose. I do it occasionally just to scare the heck out of my kids (and embarrass them. What parent doesn’t enjoy embarrassing their children? 🙂 ).

    • I totally agree! My son is embarrassed by me often!!:-) It keeps us young and hopefully our children remember to do the same when they have children of their own!

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