Nature’s Show

Each year for science class I have my students observe closely the colors of nature. Nature’s show I like to call it. Sometimes in our hurried lives we miss what’s right in front of us and often what’s  all around us. Waiting to be seen, appreciated, and awed. This is such a colorful time of year… Perfect for beginning this exploration and discovery.

Of course every season has it’s own unique colors.

I stop at our local hardware store, and pick up a variety of paint chips. Then armed with the chips we go in search of these shades of color in nature…

Blue. Like the sky…big, bright, and serene

Green. Like the trees…soft, lush and soothing

Red. Like fall leaves…Vibrant, bold and passionate

Yellow. Like the sun…golden, shiny, and happy

Orange. Like pumpkins…warm, friendly, and optimistic

Purple. Like lavender…peaceful, healing, and spiritual

White. Like snow… Brilliant, pure, and innocent

Pink. Like cotton candy…sweet, fun, and lovely

And all the shades of color in between.

Nature’s show…for our viewing pleasure.


21 thoughts on “Nature’s Show

  1. This was outstanding! I loved the way you told us simply why we needed to notice things around us in nature, worked in the paint chips, and all the lovely demonstrations through nature given. Very nicely done! You are now way “ahead of the game” in terms of blogging, in my opinion! In such a short time, too!

    • Thank you Robin!!!! That was so nice to hear! It was fun to write… And go back through all my zillions of photos to find the perfect ones to represent the splendor of nature. And your opinion matters a lot to me!!!!!!

  2. My favorite ones are the fall scenes and in the white section the lovely snow reflecting purples and blues. So beautiful and the sky, of course, in that one is simply gorgeous! You took all of these? Even more impressive.

  3. I heard that we will have more colors in the foliage, earlier in October, due to the cool evenings and the way the “sugar” in the photosynthesis is producing… Will try to make sense of this little scientific nugget on a post, soon!

    • It’s usually a sign for sure that the colors will start to change soon… Already seeing it happen here!! I think it slows the sugar process and triggers something in the trees:-)

      • You must go tramping in the woods often to have caught them. I have a photo of a pink flower from spring in the woods, but I have not managed to identify it yet. When my kids are grown, I’m definitely going on wildflower hikes.

      • Wow, you’re good, deep bow of appreciation, indeed it is. Wow, now I can put it in a story, I am so excited!! I hope I can find it again… Thousands of pictures. How do you keep yours organized?

      • Is it ?!! Oh I’m so glad!! They are hard to find too!!! I have a few pictures of them if you’d like to borrow them for a post!!! I get so excited when I find those too!! I don’t really have a system…I use folders… But I think I need a better system… Too many folders! Any suggestions?

      • I use too many folders! I have iphoto which groups by date, but then I take pictures most every day… and then I label by where I walk. Then I just look folder by folder. I need something that will let me label a picture and then search for it by name. Ah, well, at least it’s not a print in a shoebox, life is not so bad. 😉

  4. This is still one of my favorite posts! So much to see and think about. Lovely way you have done this and it makes me wish for photos to embellish my thoughts. You are such a lovely blogger!

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