It’s a beautiful, crisp evening here in Vermont.


There’s a slight nip in the air… A sign…

Fall is coming…


Fall is a magnificent time of year…

If you are ready….

I’m not quite sure I am this year. I’m not sure I’m ready because I know what comes next…


But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Fall is magnificent, it really is. I’m starting to see the signs. I’m feeling the changes in the how the sun sets earlier, and isn’t quite as warm when it’s shining…


And the colors… The colors of fall…

Black-eyed Susan’s are feeling it too… Changing…

That’s what seasons are about. Change. Nature does it so perfectly.


Human beings have adapted too. We rake the leaves, we pull out our cozy sweatshirts and sweaters, and we gather wood. To build fires that warm us on these cool fall evenings.

And we tell ourselves we are ready…but as in life, are we really ready? Or just adapting to the changes around us the best we can?

The fire does feels wonderful. I think I’m ready…

6 thoughts on “Ready…

  1. I just changed a few decorations around and added a few Fall ones, too. I enjoy changing my apartment almost as much as I did my classroom! I did change my tops section of my closet to include some longer sleeved shirts and including some OSU football t-shirts to wear to work on Fridays! Thanks for the peek into your pretty photographs again! I enjoyed every word you wrote, no I am not ready for winter, but Fall I will greet with enthusiasm!

    • I think changing things to represent the seasons helps!!!! The cooler weather hit us quickly:-) Our first fire in the wood stove last night. And a little Sunday night football inspired my post. Thanks for enjoying my photos!! I’m saving up for a macro lens…. Then watch out!!!! Especially if I get it this fall! That will definitely help! I look forward to our Indian summer which usually comes at the end of September!

  2. It is nice and hot today! I think that I would have shorts on in work, except that I am klutzy and find jeans absorb a lot of the nicks and bruises… Thanks for the fun just looking at the photos, will be interested to see the macro lens. I appreciate how you share nature with us, your students, your son while he grew up and now, I am sure you have plenty of nature walks with your man, too! Take care!

    • Oh it was so hot and humid here today!!!! I found myself wishing for that weather I was saying I wasn’t ready for!!!! Hot flashes on top of hot weather! So much fun:-) I hope I never tire of looking at and enjoying the natural world… Through my eyes and my camera! So glad others can enjoy them too. We are fortunate to live where we do and Rich has that same adventurous and appreciative side to him as well. Take care too Robin!

  3. You know I have a brother, Rich (and a brother, Randy)? With my parents having both “R” names, they decided reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic were a good excuse to have the 3 R’s! I am so glad you have a good guy, Tracy! (with a good name, too!)

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