In My Backyard

Moving to a new home is a process.  There is the cleaning and discarding as you pack up. A wonderful way to simplify and streamline the move and life itself. A way of not only getting rid old things that no longer serve any purpose, but a fresh beginning in a new place.  It also is an opportunity. An opportunity to get to know an unfamiliar area. A chance to discover. A chance to explore…

Over the past few weeks I have been doing just that. In my new backyard.


Out the back door, and up our road lies an incredible place. The local university turned its former ski area into an outdoor recreation area. There are trails for hiking and biking. Trails that meander slowly and others that ascend steeply up the mountain.

There are meadows…

And forests…

 Beauty, color and diversity hidden in plain view…

New friends…

Asters of all shades…

And surprises that make you say Oh! Wow!


An abandoned slate quarry…

It is a backyard that can be explored for a long time. In every season and kind of weather. A quiet and peaceful place…

My backyard.

17 thoughts on “In My Backyard

  1. This is a whole new world of nature and I love the hills, the deep crevice between the walls of stone, the critters and the colors, too. Great new backyard and so happy for your new move that it includes it!

  2. I was so happy to see all the different directions you can travel and never get tired of the ways nature will unfold. Did you enjoy the full harvest moon? I loved it on Thursday and wished a wild man or wolf man would have stopped me on my late walk! Haha!

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