Foliage Fun

I would be remiss, as someone who lives in Vermont, if I did not share the magnificent foliage that is happening…



People come from all over to witness this beauty. To watch nature’s most gorgeous show. I never tire of it. I have hundreds of fall photos…maybe even thousands!


At the same time, I wanted to have a little fun! I’ve been under the weather for the last week…which gave me time. Time to play with photoshop.

I love trying new things. Experimenting with color and texture. I love photography. So I went for a walk. I took dozens of pictures of leaves that I found. Leaves that had already fallen, but not lost their rich and vibrant colors.

And I played with my photos.


The beauty still there… But different…more raw. Bolder and deeper. Experiencing the colors in a new way.  Nature needs no enhancing but sometimes a little enhancing helps us see more clearly…


9 thoughts on “Foliage Fun

  1. I love this amazing assortment, I like the way you played with the arrangements and the way you highlighted the details on the others, too! You are truly gifted in your photography and artisty!

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