The Search For Scragg Mountain

Legend has it that there are trails here in Northfield that lead up to the top of Scragg Mountain. Once there, the views of the Mad River Valley and beyond are supposed to be spectacular. There is an old fire tower, and a cabin once used by the forest service.

It was a sunny, gorgeous fall day and I decided to go in search of these trails.  I’d heard there was a trailhead on Stony Brook Rd.  So I began…


I’d never been up Stony Brook Rd. it was long and winding… Steadily going uphill. I was sure I was on the right track. The drive was beautiful. The sun warm, the colors brilliant.


After several miles I came to a dead end road…and found a parking area. So far so good. I parked and began to walk along an old logging road. Excited and happy. A beautiful day for a hike. An adventure…

The trail was littered with leaves, freshly fallen.

The climb was pretty easy. The scenery magnificent. Fall in Vermont…the perfect season for hiking. Absolutely perfect…


I had my camera and I stopped frequently. It seemed everywhere I looked was glorious fall beauty. The colors so brilliant and vibrant this year.

Above me…

Below me…

Around me…

Rock cairns along the trail indicated which way to go…


Yet I began to notice the trail getting narrower. Until at times I wasn’t sure I was even on the trail…I caught glimpses of Scragg Mountain…


But I could find no more cairns and suddenly no more trail…

The search it seemed had come to an end. But as I turned to head back down I realized how much I had enjoyed the journey.

I also remembered that legend has it that on the other side of the mountain in Waitsfield…there is a trailhead.

To be continued…

9 thoughts on “The Search For Scragg Mountain

      • It has been quite nice, some warm days and cool, bright moon “sliver” nights. I like what I think of as the white part of the fingernail moon. It is quite bright, even though not very big! We don’t have those tall trees around here, but there is a nice park down the road called Highbanks that has a nice overlook. I like looking down at the colorful trees there! My son’s 32nd birthday and fifth wedding anniversary celebration had over 30 guests, I took off with four of the six grandkids. They slept over and we played hide and seek with flashlights in the Ohio Wesleyan campus hills. They took their jackets off, it was warm! The young adults all camped out and had a fire in my son’s back yard. You haven’t mentioned, have you seen your son lately? Take care, Robin

      • That sounds lovely!!!! And what fun! A camp out and fire!!! Perfect time of year for it! I saw him briefly last weekend:-) he needed money!! We have a big harvest market in our hometown every September and it’s fun! Parade, food, craft fair, garage/yard sales!! So I saw him long enough to give him money and a hug! He’s doing well though… Has decided to switch his major. A good choice I think. Calculus was tough and there’s so much math in engineering… he’s always loved biology so he’s switching to nutrition. He felt relieved to not be doing calc. Was worried it would hurt his GPA!!! I hope to see him this weekend too:-) Thanks for checking in Robin!!!

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