Tree Love

I just can’t get enough of this incredible fall we are having.  My camera is working overtime. I am spending hours outside…walking, photographing, savoring…saying lots of “Ooohs and ahhhs” and “Wows”


Words can no longer express or describe this spectacular show nature is giving us this year.

I’m not even sure my pictures do it true justice.  But the photographer in me can’t help sharing them…


I have fallen in love again with trees. They truly are magnificent…in every season. But in the fall, they become almost magical in how they change. I am smitten!

I have witnessed numerous autumns…many just as beautiful. What makes this fall so different?


Perhaps it’s me. Perhaps for the first time in a very long time, I am really seeing, feeling, and experiencing the world around me…

My eyes, my mind, and my heart more open…

To not just the seasons and the natural world…


But life itself…


6 thoughts on “Tree Love

  1. This was wonderfully written and “illustrated” by your photographs. I love the way you ended it, with life itself being what your eyes, mind and heart are open to! Great stuff, Tracy! Oh, and thanks for the “shh!” sharing secrets of another type of “color” in our lives! Smile! I will probably go past 90, if I can, not gray or white!

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