I’ll be honest…there are days I’m not perfect.


This week I’ve had a few imperfect days…

I could blame it on a lot of things…being tired, missing my son, changes in my life, menopause, other people whose lives seem so easy compared to mine…I could even blame my ex-husband even though we’ve been divorced for almost 3 years.

I could blame…but I didn’t.

I truly believe we are all works in progress. My recovery and sobriety has taught me that. When we feel lost or sad or resentful or angry…we need to look inside.


I have felt a little lost…and resentful…and sad. And so I turned inward to try and sort through the jumble of emotions and this is what I found…



Precious time with my son


Castles by the side of the road


Nature’s amazing grace


More abandoned quarries


Breathtaking foliage


Soothing water sounds


Time for reflection



I may not be perfect. But I’ve learned that who I am today is what matters. I am grateful for today…


8 thoughts on “Found

  1. I really like it when you share your journey with us. I learn more about your inner self. I spill my guts quite often, find a lot of mistakes and imperfections within myself. I think that you are like me, though, that you are toughest on yourself! You are not a person to blame others, you take it on yourself. I like that song, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” Simon and Garfunkle soothe me with their comforting words… I am sorry that you had a hard week, I would “lay me down” to take your troubles upon me. You are a wonderful person, Tracy! I liked the way your beautiful photos, your words and the two quotes went well together.

    • Thanks Robin… You are so sweet, compassionate and thoughtful! It’s been rough yes…and you’re right I am so tough on myself. I know it…but it’s hard to change it! I love Simon and Garfunkle too:-) have most of their songs on my iPod. Their music is always perfect when I’m feeling blue. Times like this always remind me too that I am blessed in so many ways…and that it’s time to get to a meeting!!! I’m so glad you are my blog friend!!!!!!

  2. I liked that you found the road sign, too! I am sure that your life is brightened by your sweetie but that doesn’t ease your challenge and battles. I got a nice bag of chocolates,enjoyed nice appetizers and coffee last night (beer for him) and we saw a movie, called, “Captain Phillips.” It was good but in the end, my friend, Gary wondered why after a year where I have honestly distanced myself, introduced him to a friend, and been polite but not warm, why I am not interested in him. Awkward moment! I just am “not into him,” but I also did not want our friendship to “end.” I tried to give back his bag of chocolates, saying I am not your sweetest… Oh well, he is not Bill and doesn’t really want to be “just friends.” Onward and upward. This comment was meant to match your mood that seemed down on this post but also, to give you news about my dating world! Sending you a smile today and best wishes for a happy sweetest day!

    • I almost caused an accident stopping to take that sign picture!!! Yes, Rich is so good for me… He loves me just the way I am…a rare thing indeed and doesn’t feel like he has to change how I’m feeling…but supports me whatever place I’m in.
      Captain Phillips and his wife Andrea lived down the road from us when we lived in Jericho. I didn’t know him personally but know many people who do. Our town was a crazy media circus when that was all happening. I haven’t seen the movie yet… But hope to soon. Those awkward moments are so hard… When feelings aren’t reciprocated. You have the best attitude!!!!!! Onward and upward yes! I hope your weekend gets sweeter:-)

  3. You know today I got on wordpress and it said I had unfollowed you?? Just wanted to let you know my fingers must have hit that button instead of the “like” somewhere along the way! You will get a notice that I am following you, but I have been from the beginning! Have to laugh, clumsy fingers or my contacts must have fogged up while up in Cleveland or something!

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