Autumn’s Last Breath

The mountains are the first to know…

The grayness of bare trees begins to migrate downward… Until it reaches the valleys and streams…

The maples now more yellow and brown…

The oaks, slower in the cycle, boast their brightness…


And sumacs show off their brilliance for a little while longer…


Other clues…

It’s a different kind of beauty…raw and crisp.The sound of the wind through dry, brittle leaves. Cool days and cold nights. Cozy sweaters and warm fires.

It’s a time for getting ready. A time for celebrations. A time for reflection and gratitude. One last burst of color and glory..


Until spring…

8 thoughts on “Autumn’s Last Breath

  1. I feel the grayness coming! We still have a lot of green showing here! I wanted to share that last Fall this next week, I went to Florida, with a guy that I liked a lot but knew fairly well, that there were other past interests interfering with the growth and development of our relationship. But for our brief week and some other fleeting moments, I really loved Mark! He calls every week, to check in, probably not to lose connection, he told me he is going to drive with his past girlfriend, to Connecticut, to see her mother. That was always his ‘stumbling block’ and also, why he liked me, my family loved and accepted him. Anyway, I am a little blue, plus had a sort of disaster of an evening with Gary. Wrote on your “blue” and down post about that. You stay upbeat and keep up the great work! You are becoming a “pro” at blogging!

    • Oh Robin…sorry to hear that. It definitely sounds like Mark is conflicted especially if he checks in with you every week… I hope that it resolves itself the way it’s meant to. And I also hope you feel less blue… Although feeling blue is cathartic! Better that pushing those feelings back inside. Thinking of you my friend!

  2. I am coming back from an art show, with friends, another Randy, Kristen and Dan. My brother, Randy, did not win any art awards but still a lovely time out. I hope that I have told you that I am fine, with or without a guy in my life. So, thank you for your supportive thoughts and will give the looking a rest, enjoy the holidays with friends. Hope you are settled in, missing son, but all is good, since he will be back for all special occasions! Take care, Robin

    • I know you are fine…with or without! You have a rich life and a rich spirit!!!!!
      I spent time with my boy today!!! He is doing so well…makes me so proud of him!!
      I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends too! ❤❤❤

  3. So wonderful to hear you spent time on Nov. 2nd with you son, sorry I am a little behind on checking emails. I am so “bad” I go straight to wordpress and don’t check my pals’ posts remarks until later. Much later in this case!
    Glad to hear he is doing well and I really know he knows you are proud of him! Great and wonderful gifts you imparted to him, most of all lots of love!!
    I recently wrote a list of the ways to tell about a hard winter, thanks for the woolly bear photo on this post! I hope you know you can refer on that post to this one, to cross anyone who would like to see it here!

    • No worries Robin! It sounds like you are enjoying family time as well! I will do that:-) I can link to your post too right? I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to do that being the novice blogger I am!

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