Top of the World

There is something about hiking…

Something, that despite the sore muscles and aching feet, makes you keep going back for more.

Yesterday…I decided to hike the second largest mountain in our area. I have hiked the tallest one, Mt. Mansfield, many times…but never Camel’s Hump.


Perhaps it is its imposing presence. Clouds always draped across its peak. The rocky crags at the summit visible from miles away.

And the fact that it’s a long hike! Not just a spur of the minute kind of hike. A hike you have to plan for. Water, lots of snacks, layers of clothing for sudden turns in the weather. It is not for the faint of heart.

Perhaps foreboding is the word that best describes Camel’s Hump…


Yet at the same time, this is part of its allure. It pulls at you every time you see it off in the distance.

I finally, after 37 years of living here, let it draw me in.

A 6.8 mile journey round trip. And it all begins with the first step…


It was a warm, beautiful late fall day. Our backpack was filled with everything we might need…including a flashlight and fire starter…after all you never know! This was Camel’s Hump…

Part of the hiking experience is the joy of the journey. The things along the trail that catch your eye…and your curiosity and wonder.

Remnants of the spectacular fall we’ve had this year…

The trail dappled with spots of color…

Special friends to share the experience with…


A magical emerald forest that seems from another time and place…

These things also distract you…the trail is long and steep. Distractions are good.

There is a sign…


Hard to believe there’s still a mile to go…

But the summit is so worth the long hike up. It’s as if you are standing on top of the world.

Even with the clouds, the view is breathtaking. Even with the howling and bone chilling wind, there is a feeling of contentment and happiness.

And a feeling of accomplishment.


I did it!


9 thoughts on “Top of the World

  1. This was so lovely from beginning to end! I enjoyed the view of you, your partner and dog, along with the top of the world feeling! It is definitely nice to see the birch bark and details in your photos. Makes me feel I went on the hike, along with you!

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