Defining Tracy

I am not special. I think that we all go through periods in our lives where we find ourselves re-defining who we are and what our purpose is.

This time of introspection comes from many sources. It may be a death or tragedy,  a divorce, a midlife crisis, an empty nest or other major change in our life. One that causes us to pause, think, readjust and grow.


It can be scary. As if the very ground once so firm has disappeared. You are free floating. And not sure where you will land.


Yet I have been down this well worn road many times. It is the road of life.


We use many words to describe who we are:

mother, teacher, friend, lover, sister, daughter, aunt…

Yet I am more than just those words.

I am me.

It is these times in life when we look a little deeper. I am me. But who am I really?


And our words to describe ourselves go deeper:

Giving, kind, compassionate, spiritual, thoughtful, tender, reflective, introvert, learner, dreamer, passionate, explorer, sweet, funny, smart, free spirit…


And there are also the words we use to describe what we don’t like…and what we want to change….

The not so nice words…

Stubborn, procrastinating, selfish, anxious, lazy, passive, jealous, fearful, superficial…


This process of redefining is about looking at the whole picture, not just the pretty parts. It is about changing. Changing and growing and being the best person we can be.


We need these times in our lives. To adjust our sails and go in the direction of inner peace, happiness and serenity. Each time we get a little closer…


Who am I? I am Tracy. A work in progress.

15 thoughts on “Defining Tracy

  1. I absolutely love this post! A work in progress! This is so honest and down to earth. We are all unworthy, have our flaws and sometimes, like I do, we tend to dwell on our imperfections. I feel you are very well rounded, humble yet an achiever and ‘over-comer’ against odds, too. Great writing and very thoughtprovoking. I am a worrier, wearer of many hats, but tend to not shrug off the problems of my own personal world or the whole world either. I am a ‘work in progress.’

    • Thank you Robin! For your honesty and genuineness:-) We do all tend to look at our flaws much more than our strengths. But at least in looking at them we can maybe work on them!!!

  2. Some people, few out there, don’t see their own personal flaws so we are ahead of the game, in some respects! Have a wonderful week and hope it isn’t as blustery and cold there as it is here. I am going to be meeting that darn ex that went back to the old girlfriend (she found value in him while I was with him…) Anyway, I had given him something of my Dad’s and he ran across it. I am hoping this time to hold my emotions in check and treat him like a friend! Not run off, like I did at the Labor Day picnic…

      • I did it better than I planned! We sat for two hours in a Tim Horton’s having coffee and a donut. I can tell you with honesty that it was like closure set in, along with a possible acquaintance level of friendship, too. It was not as awkward since a few months had gone by. Thanks for your vote of confidence! I appreciate you believing in me! You are a very good person to have on one’s side!

  3. Not sure why your recent post won’t allow a comment, Tracy! I loved the bark and depth showed up in your photos. I also noted in your exploring through your lens, the way the trees look, without emphasis on the color of the leaves but the texture of the wood.

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