The Smell of Snow

It’s coming. It’s only a matter of time now. There are hints of it everyday. There is something in the air that means only one thing.

After living in Vermont for almost 40 years…I know.

The first snow is coming…soon.


I can smell it.

It isn’t something I can describe. There is no aroma or fragrance or odor. Nothing so obvious.  But my nose detects it.

And my body and heart now need to embrace it. It’s winter. A snowy one predicted. I must prepare myself…emotionally and mentally for this shift.


So I spent some time reminiscing as I looked through my photos. Hoping to find that spark, that joy of photography in the depth of winter.

Perhaps these will help…

Or these…

Or this…


The first snow is coming. My camera is ready. And so am I.

10 thoughts on “The Smell of Snow

  1. I love the joy of the young people in the snow! I enjoy the photos that include details of bark, branches and silhouettes. I especially liked the evening sunset (or sunrise?) with the rosy sky. I liked the way you wrote simply but meaningfully, it is coming… thanks for liking my Jack Frost story! I was hesitant with such beautiful fairy tale writers, such as Brenda, around! Smiling and hoping you have a wonderful “joint family experience” at Thanksgiving! I bet you will carve out some time with your son, too!

    • Thank you Robin!! We have had many wonderful snow adventures!!!! I do love it…just not 7 months of it!! You are a gifted writer and there is room for all of you out there!

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