It’s hard after Thanksgiving to feel light. The bountiful food and drink. The rich desserts and snacks…leave us feeling quite heavy and full.


At the same time, there is a feeling of lightness that comes from being with those we love. Celebration and gratitude. A season of thankfulness and giving. We think more of those things in life that truly matter. Our troubles, our burdens and worries weigh a little less on our shoulders. It’s whats in our hearts that lift us up. All is well. Our spirits are replenished with the gifts of love and light.


I love the light. The light that is around us and the light that is within us. Light that is simple and complex at the same time.

Like a prism…reflecting color from a single beam of light…bending and spreading moving outward


Much like the lightness of our souls. Reaching out to those around us. Light that embraces and soothes…


Enriching our days and brightening our nights.


Its brilliance dazzling and multifaceted


The lightness of love, around us and within us…


6 thoughts on “Lightness

  1. This was an awesome direction to come from, Tracy! Lightness in our heart from being around family and friends “beats” the way we feel “heavy” and full from the big meal!! It also can be a metaphor for beating the sadness and heaviness of the world. Family and the joy of all around you loving and embracing all of our imperfections: priceless indeed!

    • Thank you Robin!! That’s what I was trying to portray!! But I can’t always get my ideas to come out the way I want! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have that feeling of lightness too!!!

  2. I am amazed at the versatility of your photos, too! The one with the bent metal looking dazzling and brilliant is awesome, Tracy! Thanks for all your kind thoughts and you did a great job celebrating Paul’s 19th birthday by including him, two stepsons and two of Paul’s friends, too! (and your man, of course) at a restaurant that is a great celebratory PARTY!!

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