A Breath of Fresh Air

It’s been a long few weeks.  Hunting season has prevented me from getting out and exploring. Report cards have kept me glued to my computer and inside…staring at a screen instead of the world around me.

Sunday I broke free. Report cards done and sent home to parents and hunting season over.  I needed air.


Fresh, wonderful, sweet, aromatic, rejuvenating…air!

There is a place…I’ve passed the sign for it dozens of times…wondering about it and always promising myself that someday I would go there.  That day was Sunday.

It was sunny but brisk. A typical December day in Vermont. I was prepared. Bundled in layers and ready to discover.


My destination? Noyes Pond. Located deep in the Groton State Forest. A place that has many hidden treasures. Ponds, lakes, mountains, forests…and lots of trails.


One of the joys of exploring an unfamiliar place is the surprises you find. And since I’d never been there I was very happily surprised.

The pond. Frozen over and shimmering in the sun.

A pond enjoyed by fly fishermen in the summer but still lovely and breathtaking in the winter. Outbuildings closed up and boats resting on shore…

A dam…built years ago. Telling the story of this unique place.

A trail around the pond with surprises at every turn…

Intricate patterns in the snow and ice…

An ancient camp nestled at the far end where the pond becomes a bog…

There is a lodge here for summer visitors. Where one can rest after a day of enjoying the beauty of this place…

The only visitors now are 4 legged…


The sun begins to set. I don’t want to leave but I must.

I turn around to take one last look…


and I take a deep breath of fresh air.

13 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. LOVE Groton State Park, we used to go there all the time when we lived in Plainfield, so under used, especially out of summer season. Glad

    • I know:-) I got Dad’s message remincising about camping out there! I love hearing about those times. He was very funny trying to remember which dogs were there! You’ve had so many!❤

  2. This was like a breath of fresh air for me, too! I liked all the photos plus your philosophy thrown into the mix! This is like a trip to the other part of the country without the cold and sometimes wearing moments on the trip in a car! You found some cool things to investigate like that camp and the beauty in the winter’s scenery! Great job, Tracy!

    • That’s what I was hoping for Robin!!!!! Thank you! And you can join me any time here in the cold north from the comfort of your home… Or library:-)

  3. That antique stove and the rusted metals, along with the weathered ‘lodge’ building, just such a cool discovery beyond just the Groton Park, you really investigated. I am always curious and looking for such sights, myself!

    • Isn’t that stove cool? It was made my the Detroit and Chicago stove company! I researched them and they made stoves back in the late 1800’s and very early 1900’s! So that stove was very old!!!!!!! Curiosity is something to always nurture no matter how old we are!!

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