My Tree

I think it’s no surprise how much I like trees. What you may not know is that every place I’ve lived I always find a tree. A special tree. A tree I visit…in all seasons…that I photograph and capture all the changes it goes through.


A tree that provides me with something…peace or serenity. Or maybe it’s the idea of laying down roots. A metaphor for how I bond with the place I live.

When I moved here this fall it was important I find a new tree…and I did.


It’s just a short hike up the hill behind our house. My tree is the first thing I see when I enter the meadow. It is a huge old tree…with deep roots.  It stands alone so it experiences all the harshness of the elements.  It’s a maple tree so it’s used the the changing seasons, the cold Vermont winters, and the providing…

For both people and animals.

I went to visit my tree today. We had a snowstorm yesterday. Our first real snow of the winter. A foot of fresh snow.


There is a sense of calm I feel upon seeing it. And it’s beauty always surprises me. As well as the sheer size of it. A strong tree.


I photograph it…trying to capture its essence…its simplicity…and its allure

I’m just getting to know my tree. But I think it’s going to develop into a lifelong relationship.


17 thoughts on “My Tree

  1. I am so glad you found a new one in your new location! Trees speak to me, too! I enjoyed the photograph of the two seasons you have been there, Fall and Winter. Cannot wait to see Spring and Summer! The skies in these photos are gorgeous! You are such a talented photographer and also, writer. I enjoyed this so much! Hope to say this another time, but wishing you the merriest and most joyous times with your family this Christmas!

    • Thank you Robin! I do love my tree:-) The foliage picture is from the tree in front of my old house… How I loved that tree as well!! The colors in the fall were spectacular! People would stop and ask if the could photograph my tree! My new tree is a bit farther… But good exercise to get there!!!! I think we will have a few more opportunities to wish each other Merry Christmas!!!!!!

      • Oops! I should have noticed the difference in the trees and surroundings, Tracy! I am looking forward to three more seasons of this tree that is a nice hike to reach. It is so great how you have walking paths and sights to see right there where you live. I have enjoyed the beaches, the scenery at the quarries and other sights this year. I cannot wait until 2014 to view more of your beautiful photography and the meanings that you attach to them with your well chosen words. Take care and I am never sure how many times I will get back here. Since I do have to work Sunday and Monday, taking off to Mom’s with Felicia, the youngest daughter. We had a wonderful cozy night on Wed. watching a wild but sweet, many love stories wrapped into a Christmas movie, “Love Actually.” (It is rated R but very good, if you have never seen it. Not with your son, I am not sure about that but with your guy, yes!) Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hugs, Robin

      • I too am looking forward reading your writings in 2014 and beyond!!!! That was a great movie:-) Saw it with friends!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of love and joy and lots of time with your family!!! Hugs oxox

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