The Color of Winter

As a photographer I am sometimes challenged in winter.  As a person, with its short days and long nights, winter can be challenging to the spirit as well. The colors around me are limited…


 However it is the splashes of color that catch my eye and give joy to my heart. That make the winter a bit less challenging…as a photographer and as a person.  In the depth of winter, amidst the endless white, it is the color that makes us pause…gives us pleasure and reminds us that life is not just white or black or gray


And the cold stark landscape is forgotten for awhile.

I go in search for the color of winter.

In the woods…

In the snow…

In the ice…

In the sky…

And in the middle of nowhere…


May your holidays be colorful and bright!

4 thoughts on “The Color of Winter

  1. The skies seem so brilliantly blue, turquoise and filled with lavender, too. I wonder if the lack of color in the scenery brings out these colors or is it that winter skies are more filled with color for a ‘scientific reason?’ I just loved the icicles, leaves, browns and greens of different things that are still hanging on in your winter photos you took! Thanks, Tracy, for this post, it made me really ponder… I got caught up with memories of winter skies.

  2. beautiful images and colors of winter.! and if the day is dull and dreary it can also make for wonderful images, it is just an image at a certain point in time and it will look much different in 3 months and then again in 6 and then in the summer and so on. grey and dark skies and barren grounds are just a time out from all the work the earth needs to do in the spring/summer/autumn. scot

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