The Calm Before…

It was talked about by the weather people for days…

A snowstorm, a Nor’easter, was headed our way. But this time not just snow.

Bitter cold…freeze your you know what off…bone chilling…frost bite producing…way below zero…cold.

I love a good snowstorm. I love to walk as the snow falls feeling the flakes on my face…a beautiful, peaceful, happy snow.

But not cold. I really dislike the cold. I can handle 5 or 10…above zero. Anything below that is well…cold. And the snow that falls…frigid and stinging…not the soft, lovely flakes that occur when it’s a bit warmer.

So the day before this forecast…I headed out to enjoy the sunny 20 degree day. A calm before the storm day.

I knew where I wanted to go


It’s not too far. Just far enough that it feels like another world.


The road through Groton Forest is long and winding. There are no houses for miles…only trails, lakes, mountains, and State Parks.

I had a few hours. Time enough to sample a few of the incredible wonders of this forest.

The trails…

The mountains…

The forest…

Lake Groton State Park…

The snowstorm is over. The bitter cold ends tomorrow. But the weather people are predicting another storm. I have some time though.


A calm before the storm…

8 thoughts on “The Calm Before…

  1. I loved the beauty in your photos! The beautiful blue with turquoise skies! I enjoyed the words you gave us, with the paths you took us on and the way you have the different details like the brown leaves in contrast to the white. So much to be thankful for, then brrr!! the storm comes! Shivering in the barely warm library… Smiles, Robin

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