Winter Sky

Each morning during my commute to work I am awestruck by the sunrises.  And because the sun sets earlier…the sunsets on the way home at night. The winter sky seems brighter, bolder, more colorful than other times of the year.


Perhaps it is the angle of the suns’ rays. Or perhaps it is because the lack of color in the landscape makes the sky really stand out.

Whatever the reason, I find myself looking up.

In delight and wonder…

The way the clouds appear to reach outward, swirling and dancing overhead.

Light, fluffy wisps…

Resting on mountain tops…

Painting the horizon in deep, rich hues…

Color amidst the stark white scenery. Warmth during the coldest months of the year. The winter sky…

16 thoughts on “Winter Sky

  1. I have loved the brilliance and beauty in the skies! I have seen these kind of vivid colors but have not captured them by words or on camera. I am so glad that you featured them. I am not sure why but I think winter’s skies are the loveliest! Thanks for sharing these with me, my friend! Thanks also for ‘being there’ to comment on my blog with helpful suggestions and compliments, too! Hugs, Robin

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