There are Mountains to Climb

I love to hike.  And I live in the perfect state for hiking. There are mountains everywhere.


 During the hiking season I usually try to climb a few…

You have come along with me for a couple of them.


The perfect season for hiking is early fall.

Scragg Mountain, although I never found the top, was incredible this past fall.


Camel’s Hump was challenging, but exhilarating.


This past summer, before school began, I climbed Belvidere Mountain…

A long hike, but one I was determined to do.  It is a mountain that has always fascinated me.

Eerily quiet now.  But once home to the largest asbestos mine in the country.

The lower half of the mountain closed and monitored by the EPA.  The controversy continues today about clean up and impacts on the environment.  The upper half of the mountain, bursting with life.  A difficult hike.  A trail that seemed to go uphill the entire 3.6 miles.

The feeling of making it to the top is more than just satisfying.  It is a test…of strength and courage and heart. As in life, we all have our own mountains to conquer.  I like to think that hiking the real thing helps prepare me for the hills and mountains that cross my path.


But I have never hiked a mountain in the winter.

I want to…

Mt. Hunger, just a short distance away, beckons me.


It looms cold and stark.  A challenge.  Something I have always wanted to do.  This winter I am going to climb it.

I know the way now…

10 thoughts on “There are Mountains to Climb

  1. Wow! Fantastic shots and I am so glad you have the words, Mountains to climb as your title! So true in life we have many challenges and yet, wish to climb and go farther up the road again… and again! Smiles, Robin

  2. I liked the ‘skeleton’ and eerie silence at the asbestos factory. That was a great choice of photography and the story makes it even better! Take care if you do go out on that icy, snowy path up a mountain soon, Tracy! I think that was a great word of caution from Karen (above), too! Smiles, Robin

    • Yes:-) She’s my Mom!!!! Wants to always make sure I’m safe!!! I promise I will be! The story of Belvidere Mountain is a good one…I tried several times to hike it but the road by the asbestos mine was washed out!! I had to research and find another route… I did however walk down by the mine and take some pictures of the incredible huge piles of asbestos tailings…hard to imagine working there and now years later suffering due to inhalation of asbestos. I have a friend who told me stories of working there in the summer while in college… And sliding down those huge piles…he’s healthy today thank goodness!!!!

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