Pink Cloud

I saw a pink cloud today.  As the sun was setting I noticed it off to the north. Hidden behind some trees so I went to get a better look.

For some reason this pretty pink cloud caught my attention.

I stared…fascinated.

It’s not like I haven’t seen pink clouds before.

I’ve seen a lifetime of pink clouds.

I’ve experienced them as well.

The first time I heard the phrase pink cloud was not in reference to a sunset. It was in my first year of sobriety.


A pink cloud in early recovery is a period of time when you feel euphoric, alive, happy, excited, and hopeful.  The alcohol out of your system, you begin to feel for the first time. Truly experience life without the numbness, without the haze, without the physical pain and emptiness.


Like a new day dawning…

A time of waking up to all the amazing possibilities of life.

I remember my first pink cloud well.  I also remember wondering why people told me to be careful.

Early sobriety is a time of great highs and lows. A roller coaster ride.  The pink cloud is often thought to be dangerous for the newly recovered. It can lead to an extreme low when shame and guilt come knocking. And an unrealistic view of life that can often lead to relapse.


I was fortunate.

I survived my pink cloud..and stayed sober.

Today, over two decades later, a pink cloud came into my life again.


And I stared at it for a long time…

I think pink clouds in later sobriety…aren’t so dangerous any more.


They wake us up to all the amazing possibilities of life.

8 thoughts on “Pink Cloud

  1. Beautiful post! Oh yes, the pink clouds of early sobriety. I wasn’t so lucky. After six months, I relapsed (twice). I had been so elated with early sobriety – and then reality hit and I was pissed that I couldn’t drink. It took my relapse for me to finally surrender to the fact that I had a serious problem and I could never drink again. Never. Ever. I let go and never looked back. Now, I find those pink clouds in the simple moments of every day life. My new “normal” that I’ve created. Thanks for this!

    • You survived too:-) The anger is a normal way to feel after losing the one thing in our lives that we believed would make everything ok. Of course it didn’t, but in the fog we don’t see that. I’m so glad you made it through the fog!!! I love how you said you find the pink clouds in the simple moments…so very true and what helps keep us sober. We need those pink clouds moments…that’s what sobriety is all about. Thanks for sharing about your relapses. It’s not always a straight path:-)

  2. Love this. For me, the pink cloud was a blessing. It gave me a hint of what life could be like without the drink. It put me in a new place, it was a spiritual experience – one of many that would grace my life. I found that the fall from that, the reality, was the tricky part. I sometimes get glimpses of that pink cloud…perhaps it’s not a pink cloud, but the true nature of being. Not sure…but those photos are beautiful, as is the post.

    Thank you 🙂


    • I agree Paul. It is a blessing…and while some crash hard after a period of pink cloud, it gives us the gift of feeling again. It of course takes awhile for us to see that “feeling” is a gift:-) I think that the pink cloud in normal life is called finding the silver lining…and being our genuine selves! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  3. This was wonderful and I could relate in many ways to this message, Tracy. I feel that I have made a lot of mistakes in my choices in life. I feel that pink clouds are like sweet new chances, beginnings and they do make me think of cotton candy. Sweet times ahead! Take care and hugs, Robin

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