A Love Affair

It began when I was just a girl. And it has only grown stronger over the years. Today, my love burns brighter than ever. There are times when I could even say I’m a little obsessed.

I have a love affair…


 with ice.

There was a place when I was young.  It was behind our house, deep in the woods, and where I first fell in love with ice.

A magical world in the winter. Frozen pools of water throughout the forest. My sister and I could ice skate hours for hours and never see the same tree twice. In and out, weaving our way through this uniqe and enchanting place.

And that was all it took. The beginning of a life long relationship.

This has been the perfect winter for deepening our bond.

Bitter cold and warm thaws have created the conditions in which it grows and shines.


I discover it every where I look. I cannot seem to capture through words or pictures the breadth of its allure and captivating beauty.

Magnificent in its simplicity…


Fascinating in its intricacy…

Breathtaking in all its facets…

As long as I live some place, where ice can thrive, this love affair will last forever.

Although recently I’ve developed some feelings for rime…


24 thoughts on “A Love Affair

  1. Your collection is inspiring in its magnitude and variety! I cannot believe some of these gorgeous and detailed photographs! I loved the last photo with the pink reflected sky! The ‘intricacies’ you mention, such as the fish-like skeleton silhouette and the drops that formed like frozen-in-place sugar crystals…Just stunning, Tracy! I am off for the weekend tomorrow to Mom’s hoping for the weather to be cooperative! She is getting ‘cabin fever’ and she had her annual solitary anniversary without Dad on 2/5. Take care and have an enjoyable, restful weekend! Robin

    • I’m so glad you can be with her…it must be hard…on those special days and everyday….
      I love your descriptions of my pictures better than mine!!! You have a way with words!!!!! Take care my friend and I hope the weather lets you and your mom out of the cabin for a bit:-)

      • I stocked up movies but already heard from my brother and sister in law! Mom and I are joining them at Max and Erma’s, eating out a “ten dollar hamburger-cookie deal” (Rich’s words, exactly! Like a big kid! He is my youngest brother and still gets me smiling like a big sister should!) Anyway, Mom wants to go to the grocery store and Walgreen’s; so tomorrow we will do just that!
        Be very careful if you are taking photos of slippery ice and watch your feet placement! I worry about you, friend!

      • You are sweet to worry… But my wonderful son got me these spike things to slip on my winter boots!!! They are is amazing and I can walk over sheer ice with them:-)
        Sounds like a great weekend with your family!!!!! Enjoy❤😄

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  4. Incredible photos! Living in central Texas, we don’t get much of the cold stuff, but I am also fascinated by the wonders of water in all it’s glorious forms. Thanks for sharing these!

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