Lessons from a Snow Dog

 It’s getting a bit more difficult these days…to find that eternal optimism that has seen me through countless other harsh winters. I know it’s there, but too many bitter cold days…and very little snow is getting to even me!

So I decided this weekend, I needed to find a way to recapture and rekindle my winter spirit. After all, there is still more winter to come.


Fortunately we received some fresh, fluffy snow this week. The temperatures were going to be on the warmer side…mid 20’s. And the sun was shining. I could do this. I needed to do this.


I had no particular destination in mind. I only knew I had to go.

My dog, my snowshoes, my camera and me.

Orion is a Siberian Husky. He would love it if it were winter year round.


I thought maybe I could learn something from him. See if he could help chase away these winter blues.


Orion is always willing, always ready. He is my constant companion when I hike and explore. No matter what season it is. He never complains. He loves our adventures…and I love having him with me.

 Orion is a happy dog. He is full of energy and enthusiasm. Orion doesn’t have bad days. And you may notice that it appears as if he’s smiling.

He is…

We explored and hiked and admired the winter wonderland around us.

Orion bounding through the deep snow. Running ahead, chasing scents, and having dog fun. I trudged along behind him, not quite as nimble…laughing at his silliness and smiling at his joy.


I realized how much I could learn from him.

I lay back in the snow and made a snow angel. Right there in the middle of the woods.

And Orion kissed me.


I think I can handle winter for a little while longer…

9 thoughts on “Lessons from a Snow Dog

  1. Tracy, I will give you possibly the highest compliment I can give at this point in the season: these pictures make me appreciate the snow!

    You are such a talented photographer. And, to echo Jami’s sentiments… you are as beautiful as your pictures!

    • Thank you so much Josie!! .I think that is the highest compliment I could ever receive!! That was my hope…as well as helping me to appreciate it more!! Thank you again for your kind and wonderful words…they will help see me through this winter as well!

  2. I cannot believe that I missed seeing this, Tracy! I love dogs, have had them in our home, (yellow lab/German shepherd mix, as an adult) and my parents had a variety of dogs, too. My brother’s Golden Retriever’s and Newfoundland’s have been sometimes more than enough to cheer me up in different seasons. I miss having a personal dog, though! Your Orion was in one of your mountain photos, I think. back in one of your earlier posts. This collection makes me smile and also, nostalgic… Your sharing these personal photos is special to me! I love getting to know more about you! (I spill way too much on my own posts…) The way you made this trip to cheer yourself up, due to the immense amount of snow Vermont has had, then to share the fun in a story for us was wonderful! Great post and such a gift you have in Sharing the Love! xo, Robin

    • Oh Robin!!! Thank you and I’m so glad you enjoyed it and it brought some happy memories of your doggies!! Orion is my best friend. He really does have the best outlook on life!!!!
      And I love that you spill so much of yourself on your posts!! It’s what it’s all about!!! Oxox

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