Walking on Water

It wasn’t 48 degrees today.  The sun was not shining.  In fact it was downright ugly, cold, and gray. But you’ll have days like that.  Life can’t always be perfect.


Some days you feel as though you could walk on water.  Other days…you wonder and question and just try to make it through.

Today, in the midst of another dreary winter day in Vermont, I walked on water…

The first step is the hardest.  There is uncertainty and fear.


But you keep going. Feeling brave and confident and free…

The shoreline looks easier…and safer


But that isn’t why you are here.

And suddenly you feel a deep sense of joy because you are doing it.  Really doing it.


Gratitude…because you have opportunities to walk on water, literally…

and figuratively.

Thankful for the people, both unknown


and known, who have helped to make those opportunities possible.

Who have supported and encouraged you…


And so very glad, that despite fear and caution…

You took the first step…

4 thoughts on “Walking on Water

  1. This is a great way to encourage people to step out and take chances, Tracy! I really liked your words, along with the intriguing dam and lake photos. You capture my heart every time!! Smiles, Robin

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