Class 4 Roads

If you live somewhere other than Vermont you may not know what a class 4 road is. Or they may be called something else.  Here we have close to 2000 miles of these roads. At least a few in every town of our small state.

A class 4 road is an unmaintained road. A trail really…always dirt. Often frequented by 4 wheel drive vehicles and creatures on foot. Both 2 and 4 legged.


Over the years I have discovered many. Usually without it being my intention.  Happenstance. A dead end that really isn’t a dead end. It continues.


Sometimes they lead to something special…a hidden swimming hole, a mountain view, a pond or waterfall.

But more often then not, they are a simple trail. Through the woods where there are no towns, houses, or people.


Perhaps that is part of their magic. The not knowing what is there or where it will take you.

But sometimes you know…it’s only a trail.


Quiet solitude…


The beeches the only color against the winter backdrop…

Clinging to their leaves through the brutal winter…until new buds in the spring force them to fall…

Posted signs on one side of the road where logging will take place…clearing this place for the future, for more than what it is now.

Yet for today it is peaceful.


All you need really…

A class 4 road.

Life is like that sometimes…

3 thoughts on “Class 4 Roads

  1. “Life is like that sometimes,” you have it all in this phrase, Tracy! I love taking the unbeaten paths and roads that are rocky and untraveled, too. I am grateful that some woods will not be falling to the loggers. But I have wooden furniture and know of other uses for the wood, so I will not complain when the signs indicate these trees on this side may not be there the next time you seek this path. Take it easy! Hope you have been having some visits with your son. It is always a long stretch between Christmas/Winter Break to Spring Break!! Smiles, Robin

    • It is, isn’t it!:-) I am glad too…they can have the right side trees and leave the left side ones. There were some buds…tiny little things. But now they are covered again under 2 feet of snow!! I got to see him today…thanks Robin!! oxox

  2. So glad you are able to stay connected and now, this worry about college, really has probably brought you closer, if that is at all possible! You were already very close! Anyway, my kids seemed to ‘appreciate’ me even more when they were gone to school or traveling! Blessings and have a great weekend, Tracy!

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