The Blues

Here in Vermont, as March winds slowly down, we are all singing the blues.


Snow and cold..seem to be the only refrain we hear.

It appears to be a never-ending song.

Perhaps it helps us pass this time…as it did long ago in the cotton fields of the Deep South…as we wait, not so patiently, for spring.


The color blue…complex and contradictory.

Nature’s color for water and sky…

Often associated with sadness and depression. Appropriate for the winter blues.


Yet is also symbolizes peace, tranquility and calm…

Heavenly, infinite and ethereal…


The blues are a part of life.

We see them, feel them…

And we find ways to chase them away.

Sometimes in the middle of our tune, we even find reasons to smile…


10 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. Thanks April! I think it helps to think of it as calming…and that it will end at some point, right??!! Hope your weather is improving and spring has arrived in your neck of the woods!

  2. I will take the blues if they are the ones you photograph! Love this so much! I think that the one thing about the skies are they seem brighter in the colder weather. I have mentioned this before. I think you have captured a lot of cool places, Tracy! Smiles, Robin

      • It has been a rather hard winter and I tend to get seasonal depression. No one really notices unless I say a few sad words, though! In my brain, I am sad for many days in a row! No phone calls or texts after awhile I rely on my faithful blogging friends… Smiles, Robin

      • Oh Robin! I can’t imagine you sad…but I know that we all feel it at times. Part of life…:-) I think the harshness of this winter led to more people than ever feeling that…it’s been nice here! Fingers crossed!!!! Ox

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