Sea Fever

I haven’t been myself lately.

Yes, there is a lot going on in my life these days.

But it’s more than that.

My mind a little foggy. My heart a little heavy. My spirit a little weary.

My compass has felt a bit off…


When our April break arrived, I decided to get away. To visit my sister in Rhode Island. Thinking that perhaps being in a different place would change my perspective.

It was there that I discovered what was wrong with me.

Sea Fever.

I had a case of Sea Fever.

Yes there really is such a thing…

John Masefield once wrote a poem entitled Sea Fever.

There is a memorial to those fisherman lost at sea in Point Judith with this poem inscribed.


And there is only one cure for it.

Rhode Island is a tiny state. But its coastline goes on forever.

Time with the sea.

Waves crashing. The sound a sweet roar in my ears.

It whispered into my heart. Reminding me…

Life is like the sea.

Tumultuous and turbulent

Breakwaters absorbing some of the ocean’s violent impact

Periods of calm and tranquility

Points of light that protect and guide when there is uncertainty

Surprising and mysterious relics that take me back in time

And then back…to the present moment



The fever subsiding…sated and quiet

For now.

26 thoughts on “Sea Fever

  1. Such a great poem, wonderful way of expressing your ‘malaise’ as they used to call depression and boredom mixed together. You got away and had the time you needed by the sea. Love the photos, as always, Tracy! If only you never had to come back! Can’t you and your man move closer to the sea, chuck all the responsibilities? Well, I had myself excited thinking of such fun! Smiles, Robin

  2. One of the states I’ve yet to visit. Your photos are beautiful! Nature is a great way to ground ourselves. I’m glad you had some time to do this. Moments like these are what makes the struggles through life more bearable.

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