Ice Out

There is an expression here in Vermont. An expression that signifies the official, not the calendar, arrival of spring.

It’s called Ice Out.

When the last remnants of ice on the many lakes and ponds has completely melted…

Spring is here…Officially.

The trees are beginning to bud.

Little green shoots are pushing up out of the ground.


And pretty flowers are showing off their dewy petals.

It seemed as if it were true. Spring had finally come to northern Vermont.

So I was a bit surprised to discover that the ice wasn’t completely out.

On the bigger lakes, yes.

But while out exploring I found places where the ice was still in.

Waterbury Reservoir. One of my favorite places. In all seasons.

The ice still clearly present.

And while my love for ice will always burn bright…

I’m very ready for…

Ice Out


9 thoughts on “Ice Out

  1. I am so glad that you showed a few signs of Spring in your area! I was worried since you are so far north it would take forever to get that special warm feeling, Tracy! The delicate purple flower and the pussy willows are so lovely to see, through your camera lens! I love the dew shot!
    Yesterday, I posted a list of nominees for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award… I was not able to contact everyone on the list, ran out of time at the library! Anyway, I decided all the bloggers awards can be given to ‘new’ people on my posts, but Sisterhood ones need to be given to my special friends who are like sisters to me!
    You have to be on that list, no need to accept or respond… Just wanted to make sure you knew you were there, hope that someone special comes over here and discovers you! I am so glad that Brenda has been following you and you her, since one of us did that Sisterhood award last year! Smiles, Robin

    • You are so sweet Robin! I’m honored to be on that list!!!! Thank you so much! You are like my sister:-) and I’m so grateful to have found you here!!!!❤️

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