Spring, it seems, has been struggling to reach our hill here in central Vermont.

But slowly…very slowly the earth is waking up. I’ve been waiting. Waiting and watching. Eager for all the colors to burst forth and the lush green to return.

I’ve tried not to be too impatient. Spring comes when it’s ready.

The unfolding of nature.


I am watching it with wondrous eyes. And I try to capture its essence with pictures and words.

There is something almost sensuous about this process of unfolding.

Rich, earthy, sultry.

It’s as if the trees and flowers

Are not only unfolding, but are getting ready to burst wide open in bloom

And as the natural world unfolds, so do I.

Opening my arms and heart…to welcome the arrival of spring.

14 thoughts on “Unfolding

  1. This was such a treasure trove post! I felt like you captured all those precious buds in a rainbow of colors with such wonderful and wise words, Tracy! We should be like those unfolding bits of nature, embracing and welcoming warmth and finally, Spring! I feel like it skipped Spring today (it is 80 degrees!) and went to Summer… Have a Happy Mother’s Day over the weekend, Tracy! Hugs, Robin

      • Tracy, it is easy to be nice to someone who gives me positivity in every word, phrase, and photograph! You are sometimes sad or contemplative, at those times, I want to reach out and take the fears, troubles and past away! You are easy to say nice things to, Tracy: Because you are you! It is back to being cold but not for long! It is after all, Spring with its ups and downs in temps! Smiles, Robin

      • Oh I am so excited!! Take the pink slip and burn it! Smiles, Robin It will make it an extra special weekend with son home for Mother’s Day and no worries about the school and jobs! Hugs, Robin

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