I Found Heaven

It was a last minute weekend trip. I needed to get away. My life seems to be filled with so much change and sadness these days…

I wanted to find a bit of solitude and serenity. A place that would replenish and heal the empty spaces inside of me.

I found a little cabin to stay at…


By a river…


Deep in the heart of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

A place to lose…and find myself

Where the spring rivers run wild…

Making my heart pound.

Reminding me I am still very much alive.

Warm forest paths…


Filled with fragile new life.

Reminding me to be grateful for the little things.

There are some truly beautiful places on this earth.

Many that people might call heaven.

I found just such a place today.


With Orion at my side…we hiked up this trail…not really knowing what to expect.

I certainly did not expect this…

I had found heaven.

And as the sun set tonight

I was reminded of the words inscribed at Lonesome Lake…


19 thoughts on “I Found Heaven

  1. I got behind in my reading, Tracy! Cannot believe that eleven days later I am commenting! I noticed that you had Orion beside you, so glad that you have your beloved dog to keep you company on these walks and escapes. I liked the cabin and the wild waters splashing and surging. It was a great photo arrangement, Tracy! Hugs, Robin

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