Dance in the Rain

One of my favorite sayings in A.A. is

“Life isn’t about avoiding the storm, but learning instead to dance in the rain”

(Author unknown)

There’s a storm in my life right now. The ending of a relationship that I thought was forever.

The storm is inside me. It is inside my heart.


 It rages loud and strong. It rages quietly and painfully.

No matter how many years of sobriety I have…there will always be storms.


Some storms are little. A quick shower and it’s over. Others are dark violent storms that seem to last forever.


Every time a storm comes into my life, I have to relearn again how to dance in the rain.

Yesterday was full of torrential downpours.

So I tried to dance…

The storm will continue to rage.


I’ve learned to not avoid them.


My dance is still a little awkward…a little shaky…

But I’m dancing.


13 thoughts on “Dance in the Rain

  1. The way you expressed this through the art of photography and through your personal pain, was beautiful. Tracy, I am so sorry that I did not know about the suffering. I did not know about the ‘break up.’ It is breaking a piece of my heart out, making me not ready to dance, but let the rain pour over me, with you. I will embrace you in my broken heart. Reliving this and not wishing this on anyone so special as you. I had hope through this love you had. We will patch the hope together again. Wish I could go out for ice cream with you! Or just turn on some Adele music and cry with you… I love Ann’s simple but powerful message, one minute at a time…. good one!

    • Thank you Robin…and it’s ok that you didn’t know and I was having a hard time expressing it…words and pictures are all I have. The sadness is great but I know I am not alone! Thank you my friend…ice cream and Adele sound perfect❤️

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