Devil’s Gulch

That was the intended destination. It sounded like a perfect hike on a warm spring day. A place full of towering boulders and mystery where eerie sounds are said to be heard.

I needed distraction. I needed to move my body to help heal my spirit.

Devil’s Gulch.

2.5 miles in via the Long Trail.

The hike was different.

Up, up, up…then down, down, down.

Way down


The ancient stone staircase that seemed to go down forever.

I was thinking…I’m going to have to climb back up those stairs.

Then, through the trees, I caught a glimpse of something…


Water. A beaver pond? A marsh? A lake?

Hidden out here in the middle of nowhere?

Suddenly I didn’t care about having to climb back up those stairs.

I wanted to find the water.

But I kept descending. Glimpses let me know it was pretty big this body of water. Devil’s Gulch now forgotten. I was on a quest…

An intersection. I went left. Down towards where I thought the water might be.

And it was…


I felt like I’d found paradise…

A little slice of heaven. Here, deep in the Green Mountain forest.

I didn’t wanted to leave.

This place felt magical…soothing…peaceful.

A place to sit for a while…

Where the real world feels far far away.


I never made it to Devil’s Gulch.

I don’t think that was the destination intended for me that day…

9 thoughts on “Devil’s Gulch

  1. Water is so healing. The beauty in these photographs, leading to the heavenly spot, just perfect! I loved this whole journey and the green, mossy steps, too! Hugs and hugs, Robin

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