Beautiful Thoughts

It sounds a little hokey…this idea of beautiful thoughts.

Especially while in the grips of coping with a loss. My thoughts can be anything but beautiful.

Yet each day I try.

I try to begin my day thinking of beautiful things.

And end my day remembering the beautiful things I experienced that day…no matter how small or few.

Beautiful places I have discovered…

Beautiful things I have seen…

Beautiful things I have felt…

 Today, I think, is going to be beautiful…

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Thoughts

  1. I can so relate to reminding ourselves that life can still be beautiful during loss, it takes strength and focus to not give up, and remember. I love the beauty you show us!

  2. Loved how you are trying to begin your day, just for today, that it will be beautiful. That is important to remember, just one day or one moment at a time. This is challenging sometimes! I recently burst out with the words, “I hate my life!” to my best girlfriend. I was feeling daunted and frustrated. I felt that I will never ‘be ahead’ and hate the thought of financially struggling. I KNOW inside, there are plenty of reasons to feel blessed, but the part about many of my friends retiring gets to me, sometimes. I don’t hate my life, you won’t see me complain too much, but I feel empathy for your loss, it is a ‘whole other conflict’ that you are dealing with, but I feel your pain, Tracy! Hugs, Robin

    • It’s ok Robin…sometimes we feel things and it’s important to express them. Life isn’t easy. We can feel things yet still feel gratitude too. Oxox

      • I try to almost always be positive and if I cannot, then I stew alone. I don’t like to be a burden and am overall feeling that there is many more blessings than negatives. But I was just ‘being real’ with my friend and also, you who are my friend! Thanks for ‘listening’ and saying it is ok to be myself! Smiles, Robin

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