Salt Water Cure


One of my most favorite of all quotes.

And I have found it to be so very true…for me.


Tears of sadness. Tears of grief. Tears of heartache.


All kinds of tears. Sometimes a thought or memory brings tears to our eyes .

Other times our crying is deep and long.

Agony and ache pours out from deep inside our hearts and down our cheeks.

I sometimes wonder how can I have so many tears?

But tears happen for a reason. They allow our pain a way out.

When something is no longer painful…the tears for it will stop.



There is nothing quite like the feeling that comes after a strenuous hike.

I may begin tentatively, unsure of my footing, legs and heart weary…But I keep going.

I keep going until the sweat pours down my face…and I reach the summit.

And for those few moments in time, everything is forgotten…

 I feel euphoric instead of sad. I feel successful instead of defeated.

I feel replenished instead of empty.


The Sea

Everyone knows the healing power of the sea.

The ebb and flow of tides…so like our emotions.

Infinite and vast.  The sea and sky seemingly endless.

Our grief seems so small in comparison.

And the ocean reminds us…life goes on.

Soon…I will make my way back to the sea…to finish this healing process.


Then perhaps I can say goodbye to this part of my life

Turn the page

And say hello to the next chapter…

13 thoughts on “Salt Water Cure

  1. Tears, the sea, a hike with sweat and some feelings of jubilation, accomplishment on reaching the top. It is good to feel some moments of exhilaration, but this doesn’t take away how empty, sad, and full of tears we feel later. It is not easy, no way to make it so, but I wish I could change the course of time, for you! I just wrote a post that may or may not touch this subject, ‘wiping the slate clean.’ It won’t happen for quite awhile, but this set of lessons I learned in Prevention (Dec. 2013) helped me when I was still dwelling on my fisherman, six months after breaking up. Take care and know I care!

    • I read your post! And it was perfect! Just what I needed my friend!!!:-) I seem to be getting that from a lot of areas in my life right now! Oxox❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you!!! You always say the nicest things…and have a wonderful and thoughtful way of understanding my words and photos:-) Trying to have grace right now!

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