Any change in life requires a period of reflection.


A time of looking more closely at ourselves and our lives.

A time of asking questions…

What am I learning?

How am I growing?

Where am I going?

The answers are not always clear. They are often clouded by our sadness and grief as we cope with the changes life has given us.


Reflection means looking deeper.  Stripping away our layers. Opening up the wounds and feeling the pain. We can’t move forward until we’ve felt what needs to be felt.

And then we can let it go…

We can learn the lessons it’s trying to teach us.

We can grow in new and exciting ways.

We can begin down a new path.

Reflection is the mirror that allows us to truly see…


2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Beautiful photographs! Safe journeys, my friend! Reflections are very good experiences, but being able to move forward and have some purpose in your new adventure up North, will help ease some of the pain. Of course, my hugs, my thoughts and encouragement are all aimed and being sent to you, Tracy! Hugs, Robin

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