Journey to the Edge: Getting There

It will take 3 flights and 2 days to get there. Flights to Churchill, Manitoba are limited.

A night in Winnipeg and an early morning departure on Calm Air will take me to my final destination…the edge of the Arctic Circle.

The journey there…

I immerse myself in all of it.

Savoring each new sight…

Winnipeg is a beautiful city.


I walked on the edge of an unfamiliar place. I felt so many things…

Wonder at the history of how this place came to be.

Awe as I looked up.

And happiness because I am here…on this journey.


3 thoughts on “Journey to the Edge: Getting There

  1. The architecture is so unique in your various stops along the journey to the edge of the world, Tracy! Wow! Love your photography and the kindness in sharing these photos and thoughts with us! xo Robin

    • Thank you Robin for all your sweet and wonderful comments!!! It has been an incredible and life changing experience!!!!!! I’m headed home today. Bittersweet for sure…but I’m also ready to begin that next chapter:-) hope all is well in your world my friend!!! Oxox

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