Journey to the Edge: Arrival

Slowly the of city of Winnipeg disappears and the prairie comes into view.

Miles and miles of farms and fields. The roads line the boundaries.

Straight and angular.

And then those too disappear. There is only open land and bodies of water now.

I feel a sense of adventure. Like a pioneer embarking out on the frontier of newness. Leaving the routine of my life behind as I travel to this vast, unknown and different land.


There is a wildness to this experience. Not knowing what to expect except that I want to embrace it with all my heart, mind, body and soul.


I also feel a sense of hope and promise. This journey leading me to myself…as well the far north.

My eyes brim…tears of joy and healing.

An ending.

And a beginning.


A time of letting go and letting in.


I’m standing on the edge of my life.

And it feels incredible.

2 thoughts on “Journey to the Edge: Arrival

  1. Letting go and letting in, this is a perfect way to tackle this scientific exploration of the edge of the world, Tracy! Hope your heart is lighter and less heavy… hugs and kisses, Robin

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