Journey to the Edge: CNSC

My home for 10 days.


The Churchill Northern Studies Centre


It’s located on the outskirts of the town of Churchill, Manitoba in northern Canada which is on the Hudson Bay. Once a former rocket research base, it’s been the place for research and education of the Arctic environment since 1976.

In 2011 the new, greener, state of the art CNSC was completed.


It is considered to be on the very edge of the Arctic Circle. It is home to many scientists and researchers studying different aspects of this special place. It also opens its doors to many groups whether tourists or volunteers or teachers…like me!

Come on in and I’ll show you around!

When you first enter, you will be amazed at the structure and design, the natural light that streams through the many large windows, and of course the view.


Each space has a purpose. Every corner utilized.

From the welcome area to the cafeteria…

It is a place for living, working, and playing.

My favorite rooms are…

The Collections room.

Filled with fascinating polar bear, beluga whale, and other animal artifacts.

And the Aurora Dome room.

Not only is it unique, but it holds the promise that perhaps one of these nights, we will get to see a summer show of northern lights.

And as you head out the door…

A gentle reminder.


This is polar bear country.

After all…we are at the edge.

One thought on “Journey to the Edge: CNSC

  1. You wrote these posts wonderfully, voyaging backwards in time, from the end post to the beginning! I have had 10 and 11 hour days at work, some were quite hot, but the week at my Mom’s was very special in the end of June 27 to July 6th! Hugs, Robin

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