Journey to the Edge: The Search for Polar Bears

In the summer, the polar bears of the Hudson Bay region come ashore when the ice melts. It is here where they wait out the summer fasting, until the water freezes once again and they can go in search of food.


I had no idea that it is actually more common to spot polar bears in the summer than any other time of year. Because they are closer to where humans live. Here at the center there have been many sightings…by other people.


We have wanted to see a polar bear. And we have believed this to be a strong possibility. After all, whenever we go out into the field, we always have a bear guard with us.

During our day in town, some of us were fortunate enough to see some polar bears. I saw one from out in the bay that was on the beach. Others in my group saw a mother and her cub on a rocky point.


But we have all wanted to really see some…up close. To feel that exhilaration…that excitement. After all they are not something we could ever see in our every day world.

So, our Earthwatch researchers have been kind enough to take us out polar bear searching. We are always escorted by a bear guard because this isn’t something you do lightly. It is serious. And polar bears are very dangerous.

We still have not seen any polar bears up close. We saw one far off in the distance tonight and it was so fascinating to watch him through binoculars as he ambled through the rocky terrain.


However, in our search, our quest for the elusive (to us) polar bear, we have traveled to some beautiful places along the shore. We have taken pictures and soaked up the magnificence of this special place. We have stood on glacial rock formations and looked out across a bay that is as endless as the ocean. We have enjoyed time together. Forming bonds and connections that will last long after our time here is done.

We still hope we see more polar bears. But we are enjoying the search and this journey together…here at the edge.


6 thoughts on “Journey to the Edge: The Search for Polar Bears

  1. This was quite a great group of people and I am so proud that you followed through on applying, then being accepted to this group. I look at the bear guard and I tremble with fear, thinking that it must be serious business to be having him there to protect you all. The scenery is so awesome and the few bear sightings, extraordinary, Tracy! Thanks for this! Hugs, Robin

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