Journey to the Edge: Lessons from the Arctic Circle

In this land of extremes…

There is so much to learn from the things that live, grow and thrive here.

From creatures large and small…

To the abundance of plants.

Each has a voice, a place, a purpose…no matter how small.


And they are all connected.

Here on the edge…life is always changing.


Everything must adapt.

As I spend my last full day here I think about everything I have felt and experienced.

The lessons I have learned.

I hope that this stays with me. I hope that I can stand strong in the face of adversity and when necessary adapt with grace to the changes in my life.


Most of all I hope I never forget that life is all about living at the edge. Taking risks and not being afraid.


Because the edge is where we learn to breathe and we learn to open ourselves to all the beauty life has to show us.


It’s about taking leaps of faith, being inspired, and trusting in ourselves.


I may be leaving here…

But this journey to the edge will always be a part of me.



3 thoughts on “Journey to the Edge: Lessons from the Arctic Circle

  1. This time flew by, in my mind! I am sorry, Tracy, that I have not been part of the journey and will have to read backwards to find out all about it! Your summary, with such lovely photographs, captures my breath and makes me happy, too!

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