Journey to the Edge: The View is Glorious

Our last full day here.

I’m not sure words alone can describe the beauty and the magic of today.


Luke, who is from Jamaica, called it “Brawta” which means extra in Patois.

It was more than any of us could have hoped for and more than we could ever dream of.

It was an extraordinary gift.


Places and things that we hadn’t yet seen or experienced…until today.

Tomorrow we all leave.

Heading in many different directions and returning to our lives.


But we will never forget…

The glorious view here at the edge.


“…all you need to do is step outside and ride the energy of the earth, for there is always a brilliant sunrise, rolling fog, shifting seasons, and rising waters to experience; as well as new inviting lands to step foot on…..And the view is glorious.”

Victoria Erickson


4 thoughts on “Journey to the Edge: The View is Glorious

    • So true Paul…there is no way through pictures to capture it all. And at some point you just need to stop trying…and instead just savor it!!!

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